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From the President

KM President CEO

Karen E. Moriarty, President and CEO

Welcome to Carillon. This website, like our communities, is an invitation to experience the very best of what assisted living has to offer.

Choosing the right home, whether for yourself or a loved one, is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. We faced a big decision of our own with the founding of Carillon in 1996.

Led by our dream of creating the finest assisted living communities in the nation, we searched from coast to coast for the best home for our startup company. The choice was clear. After all, there is no place like North Carolina. And now, more than 17 years later, there is no place like Carillon Assisted Living.

We’ve come a long way. The journey has taken us from a fledgling enterprise in a market long dominated by national chains to a leading provider of North Carolina homes and services for seniors. Today, the Carillon brand is synonymous with a higher standard of care.

It is immensely gratifying to know that our communities are among the most highly rated by state regulators. But our greatest accomplishment by far is the high regard our residents and their families have for Carillon. Time and time again they share stories of a life lived more fully, joyfully and meaningfully since choosing Carillon as their home.

Our record of uncompromising care for seniors speaks for itself, but our story continues to be told. For every senior we serve, and for those we have yet to meet, Carillon will keep the door to a wonderful life wide open.