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Assisted Living Financial Options

Life’s big moves require careful consideration and planning, and that is certainly true of the move to assisted living. Fortunately, Carillon is here to help.

Carillon communities offer quality, licensed care and service that meets the highest standards. While we cannot guarantee our communities will be affordable for everyone, neither is Carillon reserved for a privileged few.

10 Reasons Carillon Is More Affordable Than You Think:

  1. When calculating the cost of assisted living, remember to factor in the savings. At Carillon, there are no monthly utility bills, groceries, home maintenance, cleaning or repair fees. This represents a substantial savings of several hundreds of dollars a month or more, on average.
  2. Carillon Assisted Living is often accessible for seniors and families with varying economic situations and budgets.
  3. Carillon works with families to assess their needs, gauge their resources, and plan financially for a loved one’s care.
  4. Carillon’s all-inclusive rates help residents and their families protect their investment and plan sufficiently for the duration of long-term care.
  5. Don’t be fooled by our unlicensed competitors. Unlicensed care may be less expensive, but it comes at a steep price — no staffing requirements,  no training, and no accountability.
  6. And don’t be fooled by providers who offer á la carte pricing. By charging separate, distinct fees for the services and amenities that Carillon automatically provides, monthly fees can fluctuate substantially and even double the quoted rate.
  7. State assistance may be available at some Carillon communities for residents with clearly defined care needs and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Veterans who served during wartime and their spouses may be eligible to receive nearly $2,000 per month to help defray the cost of assisted living, in-home health care or other non-reimbursed medical care through the federal government’s “Aid and Attendance” Program. For more information, contact your local Veterans Administrations office. To see if you qualify, consult with your financial advisor.
  9. Costs related to licensed senior living may be tax deductible for both the resident and their family caregiver if they meet Internal Revenue Service requirements.
  10. The option of a semi-private apartment offers residents all the care, service and comforts of a Carillon home for substantially less.