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Alzheimer’s Care FAQs

Q: My mother is in the early stages of dementia. She is healthy, just a bit forgetful. She doesn’t need a nursing home yet – does she?

A: No. And in fact, your mother may not need skilled Alzheimer’s care for many years, if ever. Gone are the days when a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s meant a long, drawn-out stay in an institutional setting. Experts in the field now agree that home is the best place to provide care for someone living with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Q: Is Carillon a nursing home?

A: No. Carillon is assisted living. We provide assistance as needed with the tasks of daily living – bathing, dressing, meals, medications, etc. – in a therapeutic environment that has all the comforts of home.

Carillon’s specialized Alzheimer’s care program, The Garden Place, is designed to promote well-being, maximize day-to-day functioning and life skills, maintain cognitive function, minimize anxiety and ensure safety.

Q: My father has a tendency to wander. How will Carillon keep him safe?

A: Safety and security are paramount at The Garden Place. The community can only be accessed through electronic keypad entry and exit. The community is designed – from the placement and selection of lighting, fixtures, doorways, closets, etc. – to avoid confusion.

Keeping residents safe is Carillon’s top priority, but so, too, is keeping the community open and inviting to family and friends.  Our residents are also free to leave the community for visits with approved family members and guardians.

Q: My mother-in-law was always an active person. Will her movement be restricted at Carillon?

A: Your mother-in-law will be free to safely explore her new home at The Garden Place. In fact, activity and exercise are key components of The Garden Place program. Walkways and garden paths are constructed in a circular design to encourage exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors.