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Our Story

Karen and resident

Carillon President and CEO, Karen Moriarty, chats with resident, Barbara Absher.

Carillon is proud to be North Carolina’s premier provider of assisted living homes for seniors. The company set out in 1996 to create communities of uncompromising care and quality for seniors who want the best of both worlds – the care they need and the active, independent life they desire.

Since opening the doors to Carillon’s first community in 1997, the company has developed and operated 22 communities throughout the state of North Carolina. As the only homegrown, locally owned and operated provider of licensed assisted living and Alzheimer’s care in the state, Carillon communities are wonderfully and authentically North Carolina.

Today, Carillon has earned a reputation for excellence in North Carolina and beyond. The company’s leadership on issues affecting senior health and living, both at the state and national level, has led to significant improvements in service delivery and care, particularly for seniors living with Alzheimer’s.

The secret to Carillon’s success is no secret at all. Just ask the seniors who call Carillon home—here, a promise made is a promise kept. From the day they are welcomed into their new home, Carillon seniors experience a standard of care that can only be achieved through a relentless pursuit of excellence.

We love what we do and it shows. We set the bar high because our parents, and yours, deserve no less. We exceed their expectations because they are, after all, the ones who taught us the tenets of hard work and dedication to a job well done.