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Carillon Assisted Living of Wake Forest Welcomes Residents

Carillon’s 18th community opened to residents this week at The Heritage in Wake Forest. Having done this 17 times before, you might think that unveiling

Carillon Assisted Living of Wake Forest

Carillon Assisted Living of Wake Forest is located at 3218 Heritage Trade Drive

a new community would be old hat by now. The truth is, we here at Carillon are positively giddy about it, just as much now as when we opened our first community all those years ago.

New communities are born out of good intentions and good sense. Where there is a need, there is a Carillon Assisted Living. Still, it’s hard to see mission stamped on an architectural rendering. The heart of what we do begins to beat when the brick and mortar is done and the hearth of our home takes shape. The real celebration begins when the first resident arrives, and it grows with every new face at the door.

That is what happened this week at Carillon Assisted Living of Wake Forest. Team members took their place, wonderful aromas wafted from the dining room, and fresh wreaths and flowers greeted our new families as they arrived.

With every new community, Carillon’s mission grows stronger, our family bigger and our story better.

We can’t wait to welcome residents to their new home in Wake Forest this week, and next week, and hereafter.  And on September 23, we have the honor and privilege of doing it all again when we open Carillon Assisted Living of Clemmons.

The community is open for tours Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, and other hours by appointment. Please call the community at (919) 569-2101 to schedule a tour.


Posted in Sage Stories on May 30, 2014

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