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Carillon Assisted Living’s Orchid Doctor: Mrs. Roraback

Lifelong learning is one of the keys to successful aging. This is definitely the case with Mrs. Roraback who lives at Carillon Assisted Living in Fayetteville.  Not one to dwell on the negative, she took up learning about and caring for Orchids as a new hobby after becoming a widow. Orchids of all types quickly became her new fascination. Mrs. Roraback joined the local Orchid society and began learning about the care and handling of Orchids. Now, five years in the making, she is an Orchid specialist.

Carillon’s Orchid Doctor Mrs. Roraback 1When Mrs. Roraback first toured Carillon Assisted Living in Fayetteville, one of her first questions was “Can I bring my Orchids?” She felt that the broad window sill and the well-lit rooms at Carillon would be perfect for her Orchids. Carillon welcomed her to bring them. When Mrs. Roraback moved in she brought her collection with over 40 different varieties of orchids!

Mrs. Roraback continues to bring in different Orchids as they bloom to share with the Carillon’s community and residents. Her Carillon neighbors and the Carillon staff daily enjoy the beauty and variety of Mrs. Roraback’s Orchids and she welcomes forks to question her knowledge of the each orchid variety.

Community interest started to grow so much so that Mrs. Roraback was encouraged to lead a class on how to grow and care for orchids. She accepted the invitation. Now she encourages anyone to bring in their own orchids for her to take a look at and share her knowledge and care for them.

Carillon’s Orchid Doctor Mrs. Roraback 2Even Carillon of Fayetteville’s Executive Director, Phoebe brought two of her own orchids. Phoebe’s orchids had not bloomed since November and wanted to know what care to provide the Orchids to ensure they would bloom again. Mrs. Roraback knew they would come back.

During Orchids class, Mrs. Roraback told Phoebe they were over watered and should not have standing water in the flower pot. Phoebe took Mrs. Roaback’s advice on care for her Orchids and drained the water. Mrs. Roraback took time to prune and nurture the two waterlogged orchids, deemed them to be in pretty good health and told Phoebe they would likely bloom and just to be patient.

Carillon Assisted Living in Fayetteville is very lucky to have such a special talented Orchid enthusiast!  Mrs. Roraback’s Orchids are one of the many reasons Carillon in Fayetteville is a wonderful place to live. Like an Orchid, Mrs. Roraback is unique, appreciated and makes Carillon Assisted Living in Fayetteville a more beautiful place!

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