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Carillon Steps up to Help Neighbors in Need during Severe Winter Storm

Knightdale groupWinter Storm Helena hit the East Coast earlier this month, burying the Raleigh area in snow and forcing temperatures well below freezing for several days. The frigid temperatures caused a water main break at Coventry House, an assisted living facility in Zebulon, and when they reached out asking for assistance, Carillon was happy to help.

“Carillon was ready and willing to lend a hand when the emergency call came in,” says Richard Harris, Senior Regional Director of Marketing for Carillon. Coventry House’s facility flooded as a result of the water main break, with several inches of standing water in the hallways. “Our number-one goal was to get residents relocated and comfortable as soon as possible,” says Harris. Carillon management arrived on-site at the facility in Zebulon, located about 30 minutes from Raleigh, at around 8:30 p.m. The crew stayed until 3 a.m. to make sure every resident had left the facility for new accommodations.

Thirty-seven Coventry House residents were affected by the water main break, and each one received temporary accommodations, including 13 who were admitted into Carillon facilities in North Raleigh and Knightdale. Nine of those residents were taken to the Garden Place, home to North Carolina’s most highly regarded Alzheimer’s care program.

“We wanted to provide peace of mind, familiarity, and comfort for the residents affected by the emergency,” says Harris. “Coventry House residents were in semi-private rooms at Carillon, just as they were used to at their other facility. We made sure that those who had lived together at Coventry House were placed in rooms together at Carillon.”

Carillon staff members were eager to pitch in and help the Coventry House residents learn their way around their new temporary lodgings. Friendly staff members at each facility welcomed the new arrivals and made sure they were comfortable in their rooms. Residents at the Knightdale facility even arranged a welcome party for their guests.

“We want to make the folks from Coventry house feel as at home as possible during their stay with us,” says Harris. “We have encouraged them to get involved in activities and enjoy everything our communities have to offer.”

The harsh weather and dangerous situation made relocating residents a Herculean task, but Harris says he is happy that Carillon could be there for a neighbor during an emergency. “Our job was to relocate everyone with a minimal amount of disruption to their lives,” he says. “Our focus was on the residents and their needs.”

Posted in Sage Stories on January 19, 2017

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