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Carillon to Roll Out Enhanced Salon Services

Carillon Assisted Living of Wake Forest Opens Nail SalonJean Yarborough stepped into the redesigned salon at Carillon Assisted Living of Wake Forest as the first customer to sample its expanded list of aesthetic services.

“A manicure and pedicure?” Mrs. Yarborough asked incredulously, on the day the newly appointed salon opened for business in early June. “I honestly don’t remember the last time I got a manicure and pedicure. Well, isn’t this something!”

Yarborough settled her feet into the foot bath to soak, while nail technician Reyna Cortez began to file and shape her fingernails. “I think…I could get used to this,” she sighed.

Soon, residents at all 20 Carillon Assisted Living communities statewide will be able to enjoy enhanced salon services, as well. Salon upgrades, including new spa chairs and décor, will be rolled out across the company over the next several months. At each location, local nail technicians will set up shop at Carillon’s beauty salons one day each week, performing pre-scheduled treatments by appointment.

Nail appointments will not interfere with regularly scheduled hair care services, which will continue as usual at each Carillon location.

Carillon President Karen Moriarty said the salon expansion is part of a larger effort to make Carillon communities as accessible and engaging as possible for the more than 1,100 seniors who call them home.

“At Carillon, we are always looking for new and different ways to bring the larger community outside our walls within reach for our residents,” said Moriarty. “Something as simple as being able to walk down the hall to get a professional manicure or pedicure, without having to leave home, helps keep life interesting.”

As news of the new salon services makes its way to residents, response has been overwhelmingly positive. The ladies at Carillon Assisted Living of Cramer Mountain had quite a bit to say on the matter, in fact.

From Laura Rollins, who now goes offsite to get a manicure every six weeks, to Lois Bridges, who is looking forward to “feeling pampered every few months,” the new services are a welcome addition to an already enjoyable salon experience in their community.

“I like to get my toenails polished and soak my feet, so yes, I do plan to go and will enjoy it,” said Jo Ann Parks.

“It’s just going to feel good!” chimed in Parks’ neighbor, Regis Jones.




Posted in Sage Stories on June 16, 2015

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