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Carillon Welcomes New Regional Activities Director

Don’t come into one of Alison Warner’s activity classes and expect to make a bejeweled thingy or macramé whatchamacallit. Warner, Carillon’s new Regional Activities Director, believes in honest-to-goodness handcrafts; art that is as functional as it is fun.


Regional Activity Director at Carillon Assisted Living, Alison Warner

Regional Activity Director at Carillon Assisted Living, Alison Warner

“I tell residents that yes, I want them to enjoy themselves, but just as important, I want them to leave the table with something they will find useful — either for themselves, or as a gift for someone else.”

Warner believes that staying relevant is one key to successful aging — a topic she is well versed in; having worked in activity programming for retirement communities since 1992.

In her new position with Carillon, she will guide the company’s 17 activity directors as they work to keep seniors in their respective communities  engaged and enthused  about finding and exploring new interests.  

“You should never stop learning,” Warner is oft to say.

The plan for her newly created position, she says, is to “enhance our homes so when families and visitors come in to visit we can share our happiness, energy, laughter and excitement.”

Welcome aboard, Alison. We are so glad you are part of the Carillon family.




Posted in Assisted Living, Resident and Community Life, Resources, Sage Stories on February 10, 2014

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