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Coming Home to Carillon

Karen Moriarty is president of North Carolina's premier assisted living provider for seniors.Right now at this very moment, a senior somewhere in North Carolina is in the process of choosing Carillon Assisted Living as their new home.  It’s not a decision that they – or we—take lightly. The decision to move to assisted living is never an easy one, and choosing which assisted living community to call home is one of the biggest decisions a senior will ever make.

Why Carillon? There is certainly much to like about Carillon communities, from the beautiful interior styling and Southern style porches and flower gardens, to the higher standard of care that Carillon is known for statewide.  But while these amenities do mean a lot, they alone are not why our residents choose Carillon.

Our residents choose Carillon because they value exceptional experiences over a list of basic amenities. They appreciate the quality and attention to detail that so clearly goes into every facet of life at Carillon – from dining services, to caregiving, to activity programming, and more. Our residents come to us because they want more than to be cared for; they want to be cared about. They want a life of possibility, and they don’t want that life to be dictated by what they can no longer do for themselves.

It’s a choice they tell us they would make again without hesitation.  In fact, 93 percent of Carillon residents and family members surveyed this spring said they would recommend their community to a friend or loved one who needed assisted living.  There’s something different about Carillon Assisted Living, they say. Something they couldn’t find anywhere else.

For Jean Yarborough, the move to assisted living was a heart-wrenching one, as it meant she would no longer be sharing the same room with Dwight, her beloved husband of 71 years who is living with the effects of a major stroke and dementia. At 88 years old, Jean’s health is that of someone 20 years younger, and she has the energy of a person half her age. Earlier this year, she moved Dwight into the Garden Place at Carillon Assisted Living of Wake Forest, while she took a private room in assisted living.

“I don’t need to be here, to tell you the truth, but I choose to be here so I can be with my husband,” says Jean. “To come to assisted living before you’re ready could have been hard, but I’ve really enjoyed it here. To see how they care for Dwight sets my mind at ease, and everyone has been so good to me, too. They work hard to keep everything just so for the residents, and to make things enjoyable for us. I’m glad to call this place home, I really am.”

–Karen E. Moriarty, President and CEO

Posted in From the President on June 16, 2015

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