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Coming Home to Huntersville

Karen Moriarty is president of North Carolina's premier assisted living provider for seniors.When it came time to choose the location for Carillon’s 20th assisted living community, we looked to a site that in many ways reflected Carillon’s history and vision. Huntersville is a town that started small but dreamt big; a community that always saw itself as a destination in its own right, not merely a bedroom community of Charlotte. Today, Huntersville is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state, with a booming population that has more than doubled in size since 2000.

Carillon’s story is strikingly similar. We started small in 1996, with just one senior community in Asheboro, but our dream – our intention, in fact – was always to be North Carolina’s premier provider of assisted living and Alzheimer’s care. We set out not to grow big, but to become something grand. In a state that had poorly defined standards for assisted living, Carillon determined that North Carolina seniors deserved the very highest quality homes and care possible, and then we helped set a new standard of excellence that earned our homegrown company a reputation as the industry leader.

Through it all, we sought not to merely meet standards, but to continue raising the bar. That’s exactly what we’ve done, and not just for the seniors who call Carillon home. Carillon’s leadership has helped improve the quality of care enjoyed by every resident of a licensed assisted living community in the state. And we are exceedingly proud that our Garden Place Alzheimer’s care communities are not only the most highly regarded dementia care homes in the state, they are also the standard against which other providers use to measure themselves.

On October 13, Carillon will have the great privilege of welcoming Huntersville seniors and their families to our locally-owned brand of uncompromising care. On that day, Huntersville families will no longer have to travel to Charlotte, Statesville and surrounding towns to secure high-quality, licensed care for their aging parents. On that day, Huntersville will have the choice of North Carolina’s premier assisted living and Alzheimer’s care community. It’s a day that has been long coming for both Carillon and for Huntersville, which until now has not had a licensed care option for seniors in need of assisted living.

In the words of Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain: “We pride ourselves in Huntersville on having the very best of everything at our fingertips, but until now that has not included senior assisted living. We are so glad that Carillon has come to Huntersville, and we know that our seniors are going to love it here.”

Posted in From the President on September 29, 2015

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