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Growing our Mission, Building our Business

For the sixteenth time in as many years, Carillon will welcome residents to a new home and a new life on June 18. The grand opening of Carillon Assisted Living of North Raleigh marks another significant milestone in the history of our company, one worth a moment of pause and reflection.

Our journey has taken us from a fledgling startup with one community in Asheboro, to a full-fledged enterprise with 16 communities across the state. It’s been immensely gratifying to watch Carillon grow not just bigger, but better, over these years. It is remarkable to look back on those early days and remember a time when national chains dominated the assisted living market in North Carolina. And it fills me with such pride to know that today, Carillon – a homegrown, locally owned and operated company – is widely regarded as North Carolina’s premier provider of high-quality, licensed assisted living and Alzheimer’s care for seniors.

We’ve come a long way, but in truth, we haven’t changed tremendously since we set out on a Monday morning in June 1996. Our mission on that day, and every day since, has been clear: uncompromising care for seniors. For Carillon, that means creating communities that inspire seniors to live fully and explore new interests, while staying connected to the life they know and love. It means setting the bar high, such that Carillon seniors experience a standard of care that can only be achieved through a relentless pursuit of excellence.

And so, as much as this spring has been an exciting time of growth and change at Carillon, it feels familiar, too. Even as we welcome new faces and open new doors, there is familiarity around every newly built corner, wall and window. There is comfort in seeing our ideals, our mission and our core philosophy in action. There is a kind of short-hand in our language; a shared dialogue that binds us together in service to what it means to be Carillon. As our business grows, so too does our mission.

–Karen E. Moriarty, President and CEO



Posted in From the President on May 24, 2013

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