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Meet Marilyn Smith, Ladies Golf Champion, at Carillon Assisted Living of North Raleigh

Marilyn Smith grew up watching her mother play golf in West Virginia. A skilled and dedicated player, Marilyn’s mom passed the love of the game on to her daughter, who once held the title of ladies champion for the city of Raleigh.

In addition to being an accomplished golfer, Marilyn also enjoyed playing the organ, and was best friends with her organ teacher. She worked for many years as a dental assistant, later changing careers and working as a bank teller.

Even though Marilyn has only been at the Carillon facility in North Raleigh for about four months, her daughter Linda says that her mother feels right at home. “Mom has made so many wonderful friends, and already feels like they’re all family,” she said. “I’m so happy to see my mother enjoying herself so much.”

Marilyn takes part in a number of group outings, and she especially enjoys trips to the movies and local museums. When the facility hosted its own sporting events in celebration of this year’s Summer Olympics, Marilyn was eager to compete. Ever the athlete, she played cornhole and shot hoops with the modified basketball setup. Her prize was a gold medal, complete with a red, white, and blue ribbon.

Gathering with friends is Marilyn’s favorite part of the day. “Even though Mom has some issues with her memory and her hearing, she loves to be in the middle of any conversation,” said Linda. “She has always been a very social and talkative person.”

Although she has many friends at the facility, Marilyn has a very special friend named Kitty. Linda says that the two women hit it off immediately and now are virtually inseparable. “The staff refers to the two of them as Bonnie and Clyde,” said Linda. Marilyn is also close with her roommate, often tucking the other woman into bed and wishing her a good night before heading off to bed herself.

Mealtime is always a treat for Marilyn, who loves the foods prepared by the facility’s chef. “Mom takes a daily drink supplement and likes to think she has a secret admirer who sends her chocolate milkshakes every day,” said Linda, laughing.

Linda often shows up for Family Night at Carillon, and also visits her mother several times a week. She, too, is learning the ropes and getting familiar with other residents and staff. In September Marilyn celebrated her 92nd birthday at a party with all of her new friends.

“At first I was apprehensive about Mom living in a new place,” said Linda. “But when she arrived, the staff told me everything would turn out fine, and they were absolutely right.”


Posted in Sage Stories on November 24, 2016

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