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Salisbury Seniors Share Resolutions in Writer’s Group

New Year’s Resolutions at Carillon Assisted Living of Salisbury

Carillon Assisted Living of Salisbury Executive Director Wendy Livengood recently led an activity with Salisbury residents to discuss their thoughts, goals and resolutions for the new year, as part of a newly formed writing group at the senior assisted living community.  

“As we went around the room and listened to the residents representing ages 70 to 99-years-old, we realized that our goals aren’t so different from people of any other age group,” said Livengood. 

She quickly noticed that all of the goals fell into one of the following categories: 

 1)  Better Health (weight loss, weight gain, exercising, etc.) 

2)  Spiritual Growth (being a better Christian, reading the Bible more); and

3)  Being Kinder to Others (treat people better, be more patient). 


“We talked a lot about trying to take time to say “please” and “thank you,” saying something positive to others, and understanding that we each have a responsibility to those around us.

Everyone agreed we are all too quick to say something critical and too often fall short encouraging others. Our final conclusion at the end of this session – different generations aren’t so different after all!”



Posted in Resident and Community Life, Resources, Sage Stories on January 17, 2014

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