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The 24 Days ofCarillon Christmas Challenge

They always say it is better to give than to receive and I could not disagree more! Receiving items, such as additional bonuses and gifts, is always good, especially this time of year. So if you are up for the challenge, we will stuff your stocking all the way up to Christmas with these additional items and you will walk away like Santa with a bag full of goodies — none of which will need to be shared!!!

So here is how this little contest is going to work. Each morning at 8:00 AM an email with a link will appear in your inbox.  Follow this link (off the server) to access the 24 Days of Carillon Christmas Challenge Calendar. Click on the day’s date (caught you trying to look ahead — no peeking!!) and your additional bonus incentive will appear for the day. Each qualifying move-in – remember, on census, not technically in the building – will get both Executive Director and Marketing Director that day’s gift!

See — I told you it was better to receive than to give…

So let’s not be an Elf on the Shelf and go get at 24 days full of receiving!!!!


$50 Target Gift Card